Commission Prices


Commission Sheet for 2017

Email me here to contact me:
Pay me here:

Prices are negotiable to an extent

This is how payment works:
You do not pay me until it’s done. I send you a preview with a big watermark. If and when you approve the piece, I will send you the full piece with just my small signature. BUT I WILL CHECK TO SEE IF YOU ACTUALLY PAID ME BEFORE I SEND IT!


  • Email me with subject Commission
  • No I will not draw for free, even if you’re a big YouTuber or “popular”
  • Be very specific in what you want me to draw.
  • Give me plenty of references and details if it’s your own OC
  • Prices might change from time to time, do not harass me for changing them
  • If you post it,credit me
  • Tell me beforehand if I have permission to post it myself
  • I will only completely redraw a commission once
  • I have the right to refuse anyone who commissions me
  • DO NOT tell me anything along the lines of “Oh I don’t know, just whatever you think of.”
    That is giving me nothing to work off of and is extremely stressful and hard to do. Yes you are giving me “Free creativity” but at the same time you are not, because I am not drawing this for me. I am drawing it FOR YOU! I need something that I can go off of so I can be assured that you’ll be satisfied. “I donno lol” Is very annoying and you are not being professional and I cannot take your business seriously.

    I will not draw:

  • Extreme fetishes. (Scat/ fart fetish|Baby/diaper fetish|Foot fetish|Vomit fetish)
  • Anything that is seen as racist, sexist, homophobic or directly to insult someone
  • Your OC or FC if you pay for the cheapest price only to give me the most difficult thing to draw.
  • Anything to be a negative or hateful piece (Example: An “I Hate Amy Rose” Piece)